so im at tech express w/ sheeva and deep tryna do problems to study for this bio midterm coming up. we got hungry and i remembered that you can now order from dominos via AIM. check it, obviously i was using balls' screenname:

nicdeep: hello
nicdeep: id like to have the two for tuesday's deal
nicdeep: 2 large cheese for 9.99
NUDOMINOS: 2 large cheese pizzas for $9.99
NUDOMINOS: That is an awesome deal
NUDOMINOS: number and address
nicdeep: 2145 sheridan road
NUDOMINOS: cell or house number
NUDOMINOS: name, first and last
nicdeep: can you IM when the pizza comes?
NUDOMINOS: What is your phone number
nicdeep: 205.937.9937 is my cell number
nicdeep: nic deep
nicdeep: is my name
NUDOMINOS: room number
nicdeep: I'm in Tech Institute
NUDOMINOS: anything to drink?
nicdeep: no thank you
NUDOMINOS: 10.86 with tax about 25-30 minutes
nicdeep: i love you
NUDOMINOS: r u in a room at Tech
nicdeep: Tech Express is the name of the room
nicdeep: on the first floor
NUDOMINOS: what has you there so late?
nicdeep: My professor called me in alone for office hours
nicdeep: it's a gay and lesbian class
NUDOMINOS: that sounds like fun
nicdeep: not when he tells me to bend over
NUDOMINOS: being told to do something is not the issue, what one does when asked to do it is the issue
nicdeep: i dont want to do it but my teacher is forcing me because i didnt do well on my midterm
NUDOMINOS: next time study more
NUDOMINOS: although bad grades might help u
nicdeep: i dont think you understand - i dont enjoy taking it up the ass, first for my midterm then 15 minutes ago
NUDOMINOS: we r doing a promotion in the spring quarter, your GPA is going to b the price u pay
NUDOMINOS: thus if you have bad grades and a low GPA, u will get very good prices on pizza
NUDOMINOS: store will b calling to confirm order
NUDOMINOS: the driver will meet u in front at the bike rack

tell me that's not funny.


yeah, so it's my birthday tday so i thought itd be as good a day as any to put up a new post. summer's winding down and most ppl are goin back to school while im still sitting around. funny how in may i couldnt wait for summer, then summer started then i couldnt wait for orgo to be over now i cant wait for school to start again. i dont really have too much going on this summer. went to a resort last weekend w/ my cousins in southern illinois. ive seen a lot of articles on the news about ppl who got fucked over bc of stuff they wrote on their blogs - stuff about their company or general opinions. so i think i should maybe minimize on what i actually do at school and maybe i should keep these posts to just my opinions. true, my voicing of my opinions has gotten me into the trouble in the past but let's hope that doesnt happen again. im not really sure what to write about so ill just throw out some random topics.

celebrity lives: my sister loves reading the celeb secret magazines like people or national inquirer. yeah, it may be interesting that ben affleck isnt going out w/ jennifer aniston anymore but who cares? really? i was talkin w/ a friend who just started college about how different college is from high school and he was tellin me about how in high school people were all caught up w/ who was going out w/ who but then in college nobody cared anymore. in high school it's people you actually know, people you see every day. w/ celebrities, you dont know anything about them, will probably never see them, who cares what they're up to? is it that people like reading about how 'interesting' other people's lives are to console themselves that their own lives are so boring? if anybody would like to shed some light on this subject please feel free to share/comment.

andy millonakis show: i was at parag's house after orgo one day and this show came on mtv. just my luck nothing else was on on any other channel. this has to be one of the worst shows on tv. as parag said, we actually got dumber by watching the show. however, it's one of those things that you're embarrased to say you mildly enjoy. this kid goes up to random people on the street and asks em a question and right when they answer he repeats their answer and says 'i was just about to say that' then the people get flustered bc they keep getting repated. and there's a counter in the corner of the screen for how many times he says 'i was just about to say that'. i didnt know how mtv would play something like this but apparently this kid is the fat kid from the man show that went around hitting on women on the street. and even fat joe and snoop made appearances on other episodes. in one skit andy orders a pizza and when the guy comes to deliver it andy stars screaming that he's the 100th delivery guy and the guy is all confused and some old lady comes out and starts dancing and andy pays the guy for the pizza and extra and the guy leaves w/ a strange story to tell. the main show ive been tuning into weekly is this show called stella. it's completely off the wall humor that mike jones and i would sometimes watch really really late at night after coming back from the deuce. good stuff.

wedding crashers: ill admit it's a pretty funny movie. my favorite was the drawing of vince vaughn by the redhead's brother. i wanna get that actual painting and put it up in my living room or something. the whole plot was pretty unprobable and the wedding crashing bit only lasted for the first 15 mins of the movie then it kidna shifted into a big love story. nothing special but it had its moments. i was thinkin about it after i saw the movie and marriage in general is a very _____ thing. i dont know what the word is - maybe if kohout was around he could help me out. good old kohout. but ive decided i dont want to get married. it's not for everybody and i dont see it being for me of course if my parents knew this they'd be very dissapointed.

i do believe that every person has another person out there that's right for him/her. the key is to actually find that person. sometimes you marry and you're happy but that doesnt necessarily mean that that was the person for you. there's a great scene in 'run lola run' where lola asks manni if he loves her. he says of course and she asks how he knows. he says that he just feels it. then she says that if he had never met her he'd prolly be saying he feels love for some other woman. most married couples arent 'soulmates'. it's just bc it's the best you can get at that given time. man A is going out w/ woman A and they're both really happy and think they were both 'meant' for each other. that's just because neither has found a person any better than what they have already. if woman B came along and had better looks and a vibrant personality what man A wouldnt drop woman A for woman B. of coure if if man A and woman A were married and woman B came long man A wouldnt be able to do anything and if he said anything would prolly get slapped. im rambling...

on being a man: im really really glad im a guy and not a girl. i saw a feminine hygiene commercial the day and i was just really happy id never have to deal w/ anything like that. and for girls theres a huge stigma of not being worth anything if you're not beautiful. i can go for a week or two w/o shaving and no biggie but if a girl does that problems could amount. also though there's been much protest to the fact, a guy that gets around is known as a pimp but the girl that spreads like butter gets labeled as a slut. sure women in general may live a couple years longer or be a lil smarter but at least i can walk around late at night without worrying about getting raped. or can i?

'you're all on friendster, right?' 'is that some sort of party drug?
'i appreciate you'
'...look at the moon, rudy, just look at it'
'you're a good looking guy, im not gonna lie'
'this shit is lovely dogg! lovely!'
'that carpet... it's so crazy... you can see faces and they look up at you... i can see your mouth moving and i can hear you talking but i cant understand what you're saying...'
'if you think you're gonna hit that before me you gotta start talking right now. but dont say beautiful. how many times do ya think she's heard that one before? say ummm gorgeous...'
'the only guy worth your tears is the ones who will never make you cry? now that is class-A bullshit.'
'did you just see that? he just hit that girl!' 'well im sure he prolly had a good reason.'

'you distinctly said you lick me.'
'i def did not - i dont lick you at all.'
'i saved the message. the message you left me at 5.04 am last night. i really think you do lick me'

'gimme a call if you decide to a wake up'
'shut up'

the most sacreligious song ive heard in a while: craig christ by stephen lynch

edc - my final thoughts:
some of these projects are pathetic and sometimes even when they get a solution one quarter they still give the same project to teams the next quarter. cmon, ppl w/ no arms wanna play tennis? people who dont have legs wanna ride bicycles? paraplegics wanna go scuba diving? seriously? wtf? know what ya call a paraplegic in the water?


worst pick up line:
how do you like your eggs in the morning? scrambled, boiled or fertilized?

on finding your soulmate:
"you gotta hope you find your soulmate. it's not easy, right? do you believe in that? that you can find the one person out there that you can spend the rest of your life with? i didnt used to believe that at all till i saw siegfried and roy. you got a gay lion tamer who hooked up w/ another gay lion tamer. what are the odds of that happening? talk about holding out for mr right." - greg giraldo

best ctec ever. EVER:
Wu tells the class every day that "Technically everyone should get an A", however, being that this is Trick-NU, sometimes the questions aren't as straightforward as you would think and Wu is an incredibly picky grader. He takes off points at a whim. So if you technically get 50/50, he'll take 5 points off for misspelling your own name, and 3 more if you argue that it is in fact spelled correctly. The homework is supposed to be easy, but you'll find that, to quote an earlier CTEC, "it's like having hot cheese dip poured into your pants". At first it's like, yes, I Love cheese! Then your sensory system reacts and it's a royal pain. After a while it's just a big annoying mess. In your pants. Mmmm...I'm hungry. Also, what he does in class and what you are tested over are 2 completely different things. Anyway, take this class anyway if you need a 4th class...or 5th.

on our bodies and ourselves (by christian finnegan):
I've always found the term "The Birds and the Bees" confusing. Are the bird and the bee supposed to be fucking in this scenario? Because that's going to confuse a kid right off the bat--why is the bird having sex with the bee? When trying to teach a young boy about the mysteries of the human body, is interspecies poontang really the way to go?

So a young boy turns 12 or 13, his body begins to go through certain changes, and his father sits him down to talk about The Birds and the Bees, right? But there are things about human sexuality that a 13 year old is just not going to be able to comprehend. I have a friend in his mid-30's, for instance, and his body's starting to go through certain changes. That's why I think, when a man turns 33 (or so), his father should sit him down again and have a second conversation about The Birds and the Bees. Something along the lines of...

"Well son, there's going to come a time in every bee's life when...well, maybe the stinger doesn't respond quite the way it used to. Oh sure, he used to pollinate four of five flowers a night. He didn't even care what the flower looked like--he was just happy to be doing it! These days, maybe the bee can pull it off once a night...maybe twice, if he has a few hours to recuperate in between. And there might be nights where maybe the bee is just not interested in that sort of thing. Nobody's fault--he's just not in that mode that night. Makes sense, right? Well, the bird will try to tell the bee it's because he has a 'drinking problem'. Like the bird's so fucking perfect, right? Ooooh, I'm the bird! I'm always right! Nothing's ever my fault! And the bee will say, 'Well, maybe if you took care of yourself a little more, this wouldn't be a problem!' And the bird will say 'What is that supposed to mean? What are you trying to say? That I'm not exciting anymore? I can be exciting! Do you want to try something new? Just tell me what you fantasize about and we can try it!' Now, son, this is a trap for the bee. Because if the bee just innocently suggests that maybe we bring another bird into the scenario, all the sudden the bee's an asshole! And the bee better have himself a good lawyer, that's for sure!"


yeah, (kinda as an addendum to the last post) turns out i missed that soc final the next day. it was around 7.30 and i decided id take a nap for an hour and wake up at 8.30 and head over to kellog by 9 for the final. that didnt exactly happen. i ended up waking up around 11.15. i ran outside bobb and saw rishi (lalljob) and he said it was really easy but it was in fact over. i ran inside and emailed the prof and a TA and then called em both up. the TA didnt pick up but somebody in the prof's office picked up. i told her i was really sorry but i had basically slept through the final. i thought about how pathetic i sounded. she told me i was a total dumbass and that you cant pull shit like this in college. i told her that i had studied the night before and that i was completely ready, just that i overslept. pause.

'so what do you want me to do?'
'umm, can i take it right now or something??'

i begged like a hopeless fool then she asked me if i was part of the football team. i said no and she asked if i knew anybody on the football team. i told her i know 2 football players who live next door to me in the only triple in bobb (that i hope to live in next yr). she said that if i could get her tickets to the football game she'd let me take the final next quarter and that it would go on my transcript for now as incomplete but then it would be factored in next quarter and id get my final grade. i was worried my parents'd start asking q's about why i had an incomplete on my transcript so i asked her if there was any way i could take it in the next hour or two because i was leaving for break that afternoon. she told me to hold on a sec and talked to a TA nearby and then told me that the TA was willing to meet me at the soc department office and proctor the final for me. all i had to do was get the tickets for the football game for them. i asked what football game they were talking about bc the season's obviously over. she asked what year i was and when i told her i was a frosh she said that shed keep track of me and was expecting 4 tickets next year for a game, one for her and each of the 3 TA's. i said it wouldnt be a problem and asked if there was anything else they wanted. she asked me if i could get them into a football party. i asked which bc i assumed there'd be a couple throughout the year and she asked the TA and then told me i didnt have to get them into a party. just get them the tickets. i was joking around w/ my prof around the end of the convo bc she's pretty chill like that. but basically i took the final later on that day and got a 45/50 and an A- in the class. very very lucky me.

i was supposed to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out tday but something happend and i showed up late and it didnt happen. ill prolly hafta get that done over the summer right before summer school starts. at least i can enjoy the rest of spring break w/o being in severe pain. last quarter was good. lotsa interesting stuff's happened. through highschool id look back over a whole year and it'd pretty much all be a blur. i now write what i do every day in my planner - or as much as i can remember. looking through it i see a weekend spent at aarti's house where i blacked out at hit on her younger sister. there's one day that just says "strong call". about half the days are littered w/ a combination of lodge's, parag/ajul/osman's, and pmoon's. and many of the days have something edc related on it. at the beginning of the quarter i was a lodge pledge but then my parents wouldnt have it. i thought it was something with the boozing but they said i didnt have time for it and i should raise my gpa first. i was told i couldnt be a part of gone greek night and that was one of the low points of my quarter, realizing that i wouldnt be part of the the brotherhood that was a fraternity. it was around 7 so i just went back to my room and crashed. about and hour later parag called me and asked if i wanted to party. i went over to his place and both of us pregamed and played this song bailando over and over and danced. we then went out someplace and i had one of the best times of my life. just that i dont really remember what we did. so im not part of a frat at present but it's pretty chill because i can hang out w/ guys from any of the houses.

brown sugar's doing pretty well actually. we sang 2 songs in the sasa show which were pretty good. we then had a tsunami relief show that had a pretty poor turnout but we sounded really good. the emcee's of the sasa show had a sic video and apparently people all over the US know about it now and whole message boards are up about them. craziness. there was one night i spent w/ the three of them at ajul's place. we all had come back from the KEG that night and were just talking about god only knows what. 7&7 was the drink of the night and then himal and i started beatboxing and rakesh and ajul started freestyling about a couple girls they met at the KEG that night. i havent laughed like that in a long time.

on ash wednesday i was persuaded to go to the sheil catholic center on campus for a service. while sitting in the auditorium not paying attention to anything going on really i started thinking about what id give up for lent. somehow i decided to give up booze for lent. what a bad, bad decision. that night there was open bar at pmoon for somebody's bday. i cant even count how many times this past quarter ive been out without drinking. i had a conversation w/ somebody about why i drink. it's a social business. im not an alcoholic (unlike some ppl...) because when i go home i dont feel urges to grab the bottle when my parents hassle me about something dumb. people this past quarter have asked me multiple times if i want a drink but it's not that im pressured to. there's def no peer pressure involved. i held out through the whole quarter but was debating about getting trashed on the thursday of finals week. yes, the night before my soc final. i was about to but then suraj mentioned it'd pretty much be a waste of not drinking for pretty much the whole quarter. and also if i went back on something i said, my word from then on wouldn't count for shit. however i found out that lent doesnt 'count' on sundays. if you count the days btwn ash wednesday and easter it's over 40 days. it's only 40 if you subtract the sundays. faizan actually emailed a friend bc he didnt believe me and and his friend said that people who break lent on sundays are 'weak' christians. however im pretty sure it's safe/healthy if you're gonna stop something that's addicting like smoking it's actually bad to stop cold turkey because your body could go through withdrawl symptoms. and it wasnt like i was dying to drink every sunday that came around. if nothing was going on i just chilled in bobb. i only drank on 2 of the sundays through lent. i cant even believe i pulled it off. i can't wait for this monday. oh god oh god.

song of now: this year's love
word(s) of the day: yankasaurus, strong
thought of the day: whenever you see a beautiful woman, just remeber that somewhere there is a guy who is bored of sleeping with her

one of the most messed up videos i've ever seen. besides the daniel pearl beheading video that is.

interesting voicemail messages:
'yo sibsterino-man it's anil. i just got back from biology with charu gupta and she said she was with you drinking heavily over teh weekend.and i didnt know you were so popular and i didnt know you sang either - how come you never gave us a couple bars in diffeq?'
'siby, you're a fag, pick up your goddamn phone. you're gay. lodge sucks. you like lodge's cock. goodbye'
'oh god, call me back...'
'dota dota dota dota gobaligidota! gobaligidota! how ya livin biggie smalls? in mansions and heavens, livin up the... gobaligidota! my nigga done shot me in the head...'

'it's monday night. i have to go out. i can only do myself this justice'
'and he just kept on repeating it over and over 'it's on dogg, it's on' and im like stop sayin that fool and he wouldnt stop 'it's on, it's on''
'do you just not like her? or do you not like her as a person?'
'and i was talking to that one girl, summer...' 'wait, the one with the boxface that looks like a man?'
'you dont know how awkward it is to hook up w/ a girl when you have a cast on'
'this girl is THE definition of average. look up average in the dictionary and you will see a picture of her face'
'i want you to be a part of my family'
'i think what she's tryna say is... i will never ever ever ever ever write a song about a siby!'
'what should i tell her? a. that bitch is a bitch? b. you're a whore? c. you should go to spac more often?'
''hey, wanna make out?' 'but you're only 18' 'no, im really 17' 'oh, ok''
'do you believe in god? that's the same as allah! do you like basketball? that's jihad! crossover? that's suicide bombing!'
'she's like a fucking cancer! i just wanna cut it off! i try radiation and shit to get her to go away but she just wont leave!'
'adam, there's a reason pakistan and india have a border.'
'and she came up to me and was like "hi!!! how are you!! i'm black out drunk right now!!" in this really high voice and i was like that voice is strangely familiar; it was uncanny... then i remembered, oh! this is the girl that siby and shiva do impressions of all the time!'
'at some time they have to accept that what they're doing is really just arts and crafts, not arts and sciences.'


oh god oh god. i am blazed out of my mind right now. it is 2.37 at present in the morning and last night i just had my ea final. engineering analysis 2. you see, first quarter i thought i could just go to class as a priority and not buy books and it would be cool. and it was. now this past 2nd quarter i decided not to buy books once again. however for some reason 10.am seems really really early to me now and i dont really go to class either. i was talking to ravi about it tday at lunch and it's kinda like we're just living w/ a buncha ppl. we dont really 'take' classes, we're just enrolled still. like it's kinda a problem when you stop going to three out of your four classes and decide to sleep 12-14 hours per day. ever done that? sleep about 18 hrs in a row? it's amazing. you feel like a bum bc you've totally wated a day of your college experience but i think it's worth it. so as i was saying, i had my ea final yesterday at noon and the night before at around 11pm i was kinda worried bc i didnt really know how to go about studying for this really difficult final. then shiva called and asked if i wanted to go to suraj's so the three of us reached his huge ass house around 12. we then proceeded to pull all nighters w/ a lil bit of goldmember to cram for 12am. thank god for free monster. but right after finishing the final i managed to get my hands on some really really special brownies. they were in the process of being made that night but i got a hold of them around 11pm, about 3 hrs ago. i was advised to only eat 1 but it usually takes me a while to start feelin. so after an hour of not feeling anything i went back and had my 2nd brownie. then i was like, 'what the heck?' and ate half more of the 3rd. then i went to bk w/ some friends who also had their own brownies. on the way back from bk a cop pulled us over. we all freaked out. 3 blazed characters in a speeding vehicle. one who actually does look like a cartoon character. somehow we didnt get tested/arrested and managed to get to bobb. then i came back and decided to have the last remains of my 4 brownies. so that's 4 brownies in what, 3 hrs? im goin nuts. i cant wait to go back home. see, im just tired of college. correction, im just tired of all my classes. or class. cant wait to go back and sleep in my own bed and sleep in my own bed. ive been watching the iTunes visualizations which are... magnificent. one would think i would be done w/ finals, but no. in about 6 hours i have a sociology final to attend. all the way down in kellog. will this happen? or might i just pass out in whoever's room im in right now and miss it? ppl say i think too much. this is why my head is so big. i took a pictures of me not less than 4 minutes ago and put it up on the facing book. tight. too tight. strong osman.

strong stronging strongity, strongidooble, strongbad, strongbadly <<<<<----- makes no sense?

goodbye. i will post more often. oh, listen to some song called barat humko something something because it's strangely interesting. by penn masala. good stuff.

happy saint patty's day. i cant wait till easter.

i came back to my computer where i had left an away message w/ the famous 'will you be my girl' lyrics of jet and ms heartbreaker says 'ILL BE YOUR GIRL1!' what more could you ask for?

i just read over all of that just now and it makes no sense. but my body's all warm and tingling right now so it's cool. cool beans.


yes, i say once again, college is crazy. the first quarter of my frosh year of college has gone by and i have yet to buy a textbook. the plan was to buy all my books online but one book i got was the wrong edition and one just never showed up. for pretty much all our midterms/finals there are practice tests from a couple years before online. usually this would be considered cheating but here, they're just giving them to us. my method is to take a long nap about 2-3 hrs before the test and chug a redbull right before. it's the only way to go.

brown sugar went to berkeley some time ago (nov 5-7) for an a cappella concert. we sang the best we've ever sang before (in my personal opinion.) we arrived in cali friday night and then went to north beach and had a really expensive dinner at some italian place. we stayed at a holiday inn but only booked the rooms for 3-4 ppl bc if we said there were 10 ppl theyd prolly charge us more. cheap indians. after we took the Bart from north beach to the train stop near our hotel we had to wait for over an hour for 2 cabs to come that we had called. there were some shady guys across the street from us that asked us if we needed to get somewhere. we said yes, but then they ointed to 2 lowriders and we were forced to turn down their offer. after that, we waited even longer for our nonexistent cabs. we ended up taking the shuttle back to the airport at around 1 in the morning (which was 3AM our time). 2 girls tried to get into a cab instead of waiting for our hotel shuttle and about 5 cabs turned them down. i guess i

would turn someone down too if she was banging on my window at 1 in the morning for a ride. from the airport we managed to catch a shuttle back to our hotel but then we didnt have enough towels bc allegedly only 3-4 ppl were staying in the two rooms and we had to ask for about 20 more towels bc each girl demanded 2 towels. i got stuck

sleepin on the floor cuz i was the frosh. the next morning we all headed over to the campus and hung out in our room. all the groups (a grand total of 5) drew for the order of appearance and we got last. then adam and i went out for breakfast. we were specifically told not to have any milk, cheese, or anything bad for our voices. but we went out and ate exactly that. maybe that's why we didnt win. allegedly we got 3rd but only 1st and 2nd were announced. uofi (chai town) won first bc they had a story and acting and all that jazz. they told some story about how at the place they were staying at a fire started 'that was as big as this building' and that they were desperately trying to find a fire hydrant. that's when we almost threw out a 'state school!' second was usc which was kinda strange bc one of the judges was from there. afterwards nobody really wanted to go to the afterparty bc we hadnt won but finally we managed to go out and we all had a very good time despite berkeley's ordinance to not sell hard liquor within a 1 mile radius of the campus. then we crashed at a friend's place around 2 or 3 then woke up a few hours later to catch our flight. yeah, it was a good trip.

what else have i been up to... i took a 'prospie' to a frat a couple weeks ago. a very, very bad idea. this kid wasnt a real prospie, he was just a kid in my comp sci class that happened to still be in high school. he said he'd help me and a friend of mine with a couple problems we were having w/ a particular homework assignment if we'd take

him to a 'college party'. first we were hesitant about taking him but then we had a long conversation about anything that might happen and we worked everything out. he didnt have a license, let alone a car and he lived about 15 mins from campus. when we were talkin to him before he came out he said he only drank vodka and whiskey and we told him he'd hafta settle for beer or dimitri's or something like that. somehow he convinced his mom to drop him off at the sargeant parking lot at 10.30 and come back to pick him up at 1.30. so we both took him to a frat and we kept an eye on him for the first 10-15 mins to make sure he was ok. after a while we told him that he could do whatever he wanted just as long as he didnt leave the house. we left him and he then started taking multiple shots and when we got back to him he was pretty drunk and was tryna grab every girl he saw. it was pretty funny till we found out it was already 1 and he had to go back to his mom in a half hour. typically the prospie sleeps somewhere on campus then has time to sober up before they head home but this kid's mom was gonna see him in a lil bit and he was wasted. it was a pretty supid idea on our part and the guys in the frat were rather irked at us. somehow we managed to get him into his car when his mom picked him up w/o her realizing what poor shape he was in. things coulda gotten sour if she had gotten mad at us. life is always a learning experience.

holloween was awesome. the plan was to go to madison w/ some ppl for the weekend but then that fell through. it was gonna be me, shiver, and suraj goin as a trio. but then suraj said he couldnt bc of orgo and then shiver said he couldnt bc of something so that was a shame. but we all still went tgether as oompa loompa's to phi delt's fright night at some barn. but it wasnt a real barn which was a shame, they had a bar in it and a bathroom, pshhh. it woulda been even more awesome if it was a real barn with cows and chickens and the like. speaking of parties, the lodge had a sweet monopoly party. they couldnt serve any alcohol bc it was a registered party but for 2 hrs b4 it there were mad drinks all over the 3rd floor. then in the middle the fire alarms went off so we had to evac the building but we got back in after 20 mins. the whole party was a blacklight party so everybody came in a white tee and there were highlighters that you could write on ppl's shirts/bodies w/. guy had some invisible ink that i put all over my hands and while i was putting it on my hands one girl just came up and covered my whole face w/ highlighter. i didnt really know how i looked till later on that night when i took a picture w/o flash. my whole face was glowing - just my face. it was kinda weird but kinda cool at the same time. that night was awesome.

i cannot explain how much i love college. i dont know if its northwestern in particular or just the college experience in general. my major's not too demanding as opposed to popular thought. i still havent had to write a paper over 3 pages - besides that one chem lab report which i bombed. also, what happend to curves in college? i dont think there were any curves in chem or ea which was very dissapointing. i studied like crazy for finals. i lost my wallet before which was probably a sign that i should stop going out and just hit the books. i would literally wake up, head to a chem review session, then go to tech, have dinner, go to core till around 3 or 4 then go to sleep. this was my routine for 4 days straight. i really payed off. it's also nice having an indian crowd at nu to hang out w/. the thursday of finals week i and about 20 other indians were crammed into payal's room in allison partying it up. most people had their last one on thursday but unlucky me had one on friday. i had studied for it a lot before and decided i could afford a party. there were so many people id never seen before and what started off as a calm game of caps turned into no less than a rave. then me and suraj went over to krishna's place and hung out there for a while. in high school there was one other indian in my class of 300. i love partying w/ indians. the monday we get back there's something goin on at krisna's place bc all the kids that were abroad are coming back. way to start the year off right.

im home on winter break right now. i got my grades which are good but not as good as i was hoping for. pretty much im just sitting around doing nothing wishing i was back at school. im almost glad we only have 3 weeks off instead of the usual 4. 1st week back is gonna be rush week which im sure will prove entertaining to say the least. last week my cousin gena flew in from texas w/ about 70 other kids for some sort of national orchestral performance. my fam went to see her at gino's east, the restraunt her group was eating at when the came monday night. later on i was talking to gena for about 4 and a half hours on the phone and i found it amusing ppl were asking her questions about her boyfriend. bwahaha. she was telling me about how naive her parents are. some guy spray painted 'call bill for dick' on their garage door and her parents called the police but didnt know what it meant. and the police asked if their daughter was having problems w/ boys at school and they didnt understand why they'd be asked that and asked gena what the officer meant. hillarious. gena rocks my world. im telling her how awesome it'd be if she came to nu 2 yrs from now. we'll see what happens. in a lil while imma put up a photo album that has all the pics from college... stay tuned.

signing out - golden brown siby love
aka the brownclown.

only at bobb will you see:
ppl race around the different floors in shopping carts
a person who never wears pants, or shoes for that matter
random fires on the porches outside
so many broken exit signs
ppl playing baseball with pool balls and a cue stick
a game of jungeball
ppl throwing fruit from the roof at ppl walking by at 2 am
everything everywhere outside of the rooms chained down

'do you know celia?'
'actually im her roommate'
'celia franklin, right?'
'does she go out a lot?'
'does she party a lot?'
'i dont know'
'do you party a lot?'
'im actually in season right now'
'so like what time does she come back every night?'

'i got into brown sugar!'
'is that your girlfriend or something?'

'this is my house! i payed 350 thousand for this! do you realize how much that is?...we have practice at 2 tomorrow, do you know that?...chug! all of it! i dont owe you

anything! do you know how many drinks im going to be buying you in the next 4 years?...is that his girlfriend? dance with her!...i hate you! i dont even know you!..this is

my house, man!"

'ok, i have never ever gotten to fourth base...'
'it's home base you fucking fob!'

'im lookin forward to seein ya tnight man, we're gonna get really fucked up.'

'this is my plan. my master plan. i know im not going to be some awesome athlete everybody knows. so im going to trick some really hot girl into marrying me because she

thinks im just amazing. or get some hot girl with low esteem who settles for me bc she doesnt know she can do better and get like brad pitt.'
'but when ya think about it, after about 20 years, all women start looking the same'
'woah, i dont even wanna think about that.'

'you know what? that pizza pie we're gonna get is gonna be ill. but x-files right now is even more ill so shut up!'

'have you met this guy? this is my older brother, p!'
'you dont really look at all like each other'


song of now: imma tell
word of the day: pahdhu
thought of now: ever want something so bad that you couldnt possibly have? it sucks.
song from the new movie by the makers of south park, team america: america

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